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You Did It Lean Cousine, You Gave Me Something I really want, more satisfaction.
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Christina Mills Steel (b. 1983) aka STEEL5000

Dear Internet Surfer, if you are reading this than you may be asking yourself,  How did I get here? What's a webpage? Who or what is STEEL5000? Well you came to the right place, bienvenidos a la maldita bio! Long story short: born in New Jersey, grew up outside of New Hope, Pennsylvania, identity crisis since day 1. Fell into the world of techno at art school, played electronic music around the world with my partner as Loud Neighbor for 10+ years, made videoart, interviews and propaganda along the way entre otras cosas in Madrid, Brooklyn, Berlin and Buenos Aires, where I now work and live in cat and dog harmony as a quiestish neighbor, dabbling in comics B^)

Queridu Surfer de Internet, si estás leyendo esto ahora mismo quizás te estás preguntando, ¿Como llegue hasta acá? ¿Qué es una pagína web? Quién o qué es STEEL5000? Pues estás en el lugar correcto, welcome to the fucking bio section! En pocas palabras: nací en Nueva Jersey, me creí en las afueras de New Hope, Pensilvania, crisis de intendidad desde el primer día. Caí en el mundo del techno en la facu de bellas artes, de allí tocaba música electronica por 10+ años con mi pareja como Loud Neighbor y hacía videoarte, entrevistas, propoganda a lo largo among other things en Madrid, Brooklyn, Berlin y Buenos Aires donde trabajo ahora y vivo en armonía perruna y gatuna siendo una vecina poca ruidosa, incursionando en historietas B^)


2007   School of the Art Institute of Chicago - Bachelor of Fine Arts

Solo Exhibitions

2019   TAME, Lite-Haus Galerie, Berlin, DE

Group Exhibitions

2019   Teorema, Urban Spree, Berlin, DE

2018   Interference Pattern, Echo Echo, Berlin, DE

2013   Bring Your Own Movie, Country Theater, Doylestown, PA, US

2011   Memorabilia, Fast Gallery @ JustMad2, Madrid, ES

          Video Pan!, Pantocrátor Gallery, Shangai, CN

           VideoPan: Made in China, La Pan, Bareclona, ES

           VideoPan: Vj'Club!. Pantocrátor Gallery, Berlin, DE

2010    Please Remember Everything, Actual Size, Los Angeles, CA, US

            Video Cocktail, Fast Gallery, Granada, ES

2009   Fuga Metropolitana, Museo Metropolitano, Buenos Aires, AR

2007   Time Arts Event, Gene Siskel Theater, Chicago, IL, US

2006   Push, Puncture, Shimmer, Trace, G2 Gallery, Chicago, IL, US

Site-Specific Solo Exhibitions

2009   Wedding TV, Registro Civil, Azul , AR

          Modern & Present, our wedding, La Fortuna, Azul, AR

Site-Specific Group Exhibition

2008 Negative No, cheLA, Buenos Aires, AR

Artist Talks

2016   w0rkshop: bringing humans and machines together, cheLA, Buenos Aires, AR

2009   S5k: Gelman Fellow Artist Talk, Gene Siskel Film Center,.Chicago, IL, US

Awards & Grants

2007   The Gelman Travel Fellowship, Buenos Aires, AR

2007   School of The Art Institute of Chicago BFA Fellowship, Chicago, IL, US

2002   RISD Book Award, Providence, RI, US

2002   Creativity Award, California College of Arts and Crafts, San Francisco, CA, US